Board of Directors

Ali Merchant, President and Founder

Ali Merchant founded CADNexus after 5 years of leading innovative research in turbomachinery propulsion at MIT. He has been the lead researcher on advanced aircraft propulsion projects in collaboration with NASA and major US aerospace companies. Ali brings deep experience and knowledge of computational software and simulation-based design systems combined with strong domain expertise to the CADNexus team. Ali holds a Masters and Ph.D. from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT.


Kent Summers, Chairman of the Board

Kent Summers advises CADNexus through the MIT Venture Mentoring Services program. Kent is a Partner with Garofalo & Associates LLC, a Boston-based investment banking firm that provides M&A advisory services to emerging growth software companies. Prior to G&A, Kent served as Chairman & CEO of Collego Corporation (acquired by MRO Software), founder and CEO of MyHelpdesk, Inc. (acquired by PC Support, Inc.), and VP of marketing at Electronic Book Technologies (acquired by INSO Corporation). Kent is a co-founding member of the W3C Technical Advisory Board (MIT 1994), and served as a director with the X Consortium and OASIS.